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May 05, 2005 - 9:35 am

tommorrow i'm indulging in a facial at skoah with my friend carley. i'm sure we'll end the afternoon with a cupcake from the cupcakes bakery on denman by the beach. a little pre-birthday loveliness is always nice. i think i've settled the birthday plans. it will be an early evening picnic on saturday with friends and good food and drinks. on sunday i wanted c to take me out to dinner at cassis, but they're closed weekends. luckily, vancouver has great food options, so i'm sure i'll find some place lovely.

last night i watched antm and created a new illustration/template. the colours look so fab on my new flat screen 20" monitor but it looks muddy on c's crappy screen. i hope it looks lovely for you.

today is pretty much free work-wise. that means after i head to the gym, i can go shopping & i won't feel guilty because i need shoes, jewellery & nice undergarments for the wedding. and then i can come home, make a great dinner and watch the oc.

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