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May 03, 2005 - 12:48 pm

yesterday, in between a huge bout of unexpected work, i made a mother's day card. it had been so long since i picked up a pen and started drawing and i loved the feeling and i loved the result. once i started with the card, i couldn't stop. i drew on the front, back, insides & on the envelope. my mom is going to love it...especially since i don't think i've sent her a mother's day card in years.

today, we're picking up our marriage licence and going to register at a store for wedding gifts. i'm not looking forward to it. but then again, going in with a skew gun and scanning things willy-nilly doesn't sound half bad! i also i'm heading to the fabric store to pick up ribbon & buttons for my dress. and tonight, i'll have my final fitting before my dressmaker sews in the zipper. i'm excited! i hope it looks good on me.

i've got so many lists going on & tho i love the physical act of crossing things off, c & i decided to organize the online way with a free list organizer from backpackit. it seems pretty useful since we both can access it & make changes to our list. unfortunately, we still have to actually complete the tasks...

this morning c networked our itunes so now we can share our music between our 2 computers. it's pretty handy as we're trying to find songs to put on our wedding cd mix. right now, we've got 37 songs & c still isn't finished with his cds...plus we've got all of our vinyl to go through. it's going to be a big task to whittle all that music onto 1 mixed cd. oh boy!

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