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April 15, 2005 - 1:54 pm

i've been so sick for the past 2 days. horrible sore throat and sore muscles and all i want to do is sleep some more. c is at work, so there is no one here to bring me juice or make me tea. really, i'm not that much of a suck when i'm sick, but it would certainly be nice to have someone wait on my every whim!

the other day, c and i used the gocco to make the outsides of our invites and they look so pretty!! i thought they'd end up looking more like a stamp, but they came out perfect!

tonight we'll tackle the insides and work on getting our wedding website up and running. i'm actually pretty pleased with our wedding progress. we've got the food and drinks and pretty much everything with the reception and ceremony figured out. i've been good and have been able to delegate to friends and family and i think things will go well. i only have flowers to worry about and in a week or so, i'll have my first dress fitting, so once that is done, i can decide on what shoes to buy and whether i want a veil or not. i'm leaning towards a veil...one of those short ones attached to a pillbox hat, like jackie o. we'll see.

i'm hoping this month to get a facial here with my friend carley. they're having an april promotion and i've never had a professional one before.

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