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April 12, 2005 - 5:03 am

boring wedding entry part 2

it's 5 in the morning and i've been up for about an hour now. i can't sleep and i have no clue why. i think i'm having wedding party jitters. it's 2.5 months away and i'm already worried about organizational things. yesterday we planned out our food menu and budget and figured out the amount of wine & beer to have on hand. that was a huge relief. c's parents have decided not to help out during the wedding and offered to hire staff to put out the food, etc. i was pissed off at first, but then decided to let it pass. we're doing the wedding our way & our way is having our friends and family be a part of it. i've also given in to the fact that delegation is a necessary thing. i can't do everything all by myself. luckily, i have great friends and family willing to help, so i don't feel like i'm imposing (well, not so much anyway).

on the invitation front, we've got everything ready to go. burning the screens is the very next thing to do. i'm scared but excited. on the weekend, we watched the gocco video and had a good laugh, but it got rid of a lot of the fears i had. at least, now i know what i'm in for. tonight, we'll be a gocco factory while watching the amazing race.

the end of boring wedding entry part 2

last friday, my imac died. it had bloated capacitors. apparently, this is a common problem for the new imacs. i called apple, early friday morning and yesterday morning i received the replacement logic board. cornelius felt up to the task of replacing it, as i was scared off by the 40-page instruction manual. it took a couple of hours, but he did it and it's running like a dream. thankfully, i didn't put up for sale my old g4 on craigslist. maybe i just might keep it around for back up since it's pretty reliable and when i used it all weekend, it made me somewhat nostalgic.

after a somewhat anti-social weekend, randy called us on sunday to play games at justin & veda's house. it was the perfect way to end a weekend. their house is so pretty and filled with sweet vintage finds, marcel dzama prints & lots of comics. i feel pretty at home whenever i'm there. it was a great evening.

last night, i bowled like a champ. i am an asset to my team, even if it's only due to the fact that my starting average was so low. there's only 3 weeks of this bowling league left (i joined the league in mid-stream) and i'll definitely be back in september. funny, being on a bowling league is one of the last things i thought i'd end up doing. riding back from bowling, i called cornelius to see if he wanted anything from the drive. we hadn't had dinner yet and he was jonesing for bbq, so i picked up a couple small pulled pork sandwiches to go. it was tasty but i regret eating it. it's probably the reason i'm up right now.

today i should be receiving my cheque from my latest freelance client for the catalogues i worked on. this week, i'll be working on their website and i'm excited to be working for them again. today, i'll also check in with a florist to see what kind of stuff i can get with our budget. and i will finally contact an accountant so i can get my taxes all wrapped up. phew!

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