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April 18, 2005 - 1:05 pm

today feels like a real workday rather than a sick day, which is nice. the only downside is that i'm still really sick. i hardly have a voice, i've become a real phlegm-phactory and i'd rather be sleeping. but, i'm working like a regular, productive member of society and isn't that what is really important? i'm working on the website for my new clients and i'd like to have things up and running for wednesday...or at least that's my own demonic timeframe. not sick enough to stop working, but still sick enough to not go bowling tonight. it's actually bowling last week that got me sick. one sick bowler spoils the whole damn bunch (it's all that ball touching!!)

just because i was sick this weekend, doesn't mean that i was lying down most of the weekend. on friday night, c and i finished our invitations and created little map/info inserts. on saturday, we mailed most of them off and we finished our wedding website (email me if you want a peek!)

on saturday i did something really stupid -- i'm blaming my sickness. i somehow managed to not take the $60 i withdrew from the bank machine. i walked away without taking the money...but since i've never done that before (and i'm not one to notice money and not take it) i'm hoping that the machine just forgot to give me the cash in the first place. hgrrr! i called the bank this morning & hopefully the atm will be off $60 and the mystery will be resolved.

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