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March 05, 2005 - 11:35 am

saturday mornings are heaven. c has to wake up early to get himself to work, so i usually chat with him from bed while he runs around putting on clothes and figuring out which books to return to the library. this morning, i asked him to give me the book from my gym bag as he kissed me goodbye and headed out of the apartment into the morning chill. i read for a good hour or so and then decided to leave my warm and cozy envelope of blankets and sheets and make myself breakfast.

normally, c makes the weekday breakfasts in our house, which is sweet because it's the only meal he feels he has a handle on. this morning, there was no one to make me breakfast and instead of eating my normal solitary breakfast (cold cereal and skim milk), i went full out. i chopped up a potato into cubes and boiled it till it was soft. i plopped some cold sweet butter in a pan and dumped in the drained potato cubes along with some rosemary, salt and pepper. i chopped up a couple slices of deli corned beef and threw it in with the potatoes and cracked in a free-range organic egg. As my coffee brewed, I stirred up my breakfast over a medium flame as my stomach grumbled.

it would have been nice to share my breakfast with cornelius, but it was just as nice to feel selfish, guilding the lily of a lazy saturday morning with such a decadent breakfast. it's definitely overcast outside so my shades are still drawn. i'm going to enjoy the morning for a bit longer and finish up the rest of my coffee. a stop at the gym and then a hot bath will take me into the afternoon before i have to even think about cleaning the floors, vacumming the livingroom or shopping for a dress. some things can just wait.

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