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March 06, 2005 - 4:05 pm

cornelius took that of me friday night before we rode our bikes to the clubhouse and ate sushi and drank pink slushie girlie drinks that tasted like strawberries and coconuts.

this morning i called my parents and spoke with my mom and my brother. i asked if my dad was planning on coming to my wedding and my mom said they'll try but he's afraid to fly. when my dad got on the phone and i asked if he was coming, all he said was "why invite 50 people to a wedding?" and then he got off the phone. i started to cry and my brother said that he'd make my dad come. i felt like i was 14 again and i hated it. i know that i shouldn't take it personally and that if i was getting married in ontario my dad would surely be there, but there is just so much crap between me and my dad that it's easy for me to fall into the trap that he doesn't love me. see how juvenile it all is? this is the exact reason i wanted c and i to elope.

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