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January 26, 2005 - 4:19 pm

here i am at work and listening (perhaps a bit too loudly) to jay-z's 99 problems. tommorrow morning, i will discuss contract details and hopefully sign a one month contract with the new company. i'm assuming that if they like me, they'll want more of me -- which would be lovely as i'm generally a lazy girl and often choose the most simple solutions. but that doesn't mean that i'm not open to new opportunities...as i've just applied to 2 new jobs that i'm fully qualified for. my fingers are crossed.

in other exciting news, c and i are planning an excursion to anacortes and seattle for february. we'll head into anacortes to see a show at the dept of safety and then we'll depart the next morning for seattle for another over night stayover! i'm pretty excited. if any of you seattle ladies have any recommendations on where to stay (a cozy motel) or where to shop for pretty dresses, i'm all ears! i'll have to find out from kyla which vintage store she found her red party (ie. wedding) dress at. i'm on the hunt for a wedding dress and a vintage party dress would suit me fine!besides all the shopping, we'll head to see the mountain goats show at the crocodile cafe! oooh, so exciting!! last time i saw them (err, him) he did a cover of ace of base's "i saw the sign" that was truely amazing. i also want c (who's not a mountain goats fan) to be won over. it could happen!

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