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January 22, 2005 - 5:15 pm

it's been raining all day so i've pretty much been on the computer the whole time. luckily, i haven't been doing a lot of web surfing...instead, i've been pretty busy drawing and playing around with ideas for wedding invitations. i think i came up with a design i liked, so once c gets home from work i'll show him. it's pretty simple, so i'm sure it will work well with my print gocco. my new diary design came out of an idea that wasn't working on the wedding side of things but was still pretty enough, so i decided to change my template. i'm liking the red.

tommorrow it's my friend randy's birthday and we're starting the day off right: breakfast at the tomahawk cafe in north vancouver. i'd like to their site but it's beyond ugly and doesn't capture the true look and feel of the restaurant. mmmm, i can't wait!

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