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January 27, 2005 - 10:02 pm

i signed my contract today and was so thankful that i had a job and wasn't taking a pay cut that i forgot to negotiate for a better wage. damn, i thought i was a better negotiator. but, the upside is that i'll be working from home (mostly) and be working part time (ooh designing in my pyjamas) and still make enough to live comfortably and keep up my savings & debt-reducing plans. the other upside is that we've set february 21st as the date to renegotiate my contract....to determine if i want to stay on contract or become an employee. not bad.

this evening, c and i ordered in indian food and watched the oc while checking out the housing market. there is a huge 1 page ad in the georgia straight for an old '70's apartment block that has turned condo -- and turned condo indeed: dharma digs is the all too un-funny newly named project. funny thing, it was my first apartment in this city. it's cheap enough & in a great location, but it certainly doesn't have any character & i recall my downstairs neighbour complaining about my stereo (paper-thin walls). we also walked to a building six blocks away from our own apartment that has 3 lofts for sale -- 2 of them are actually in our price range...that is, 1-2 years from now when we have saved 10% down. damn.

in another home-related thought: i never would have imagined i'd want to live in a vancouver special, but this one changes my mind. wow. the rest of the site is pretty incredible too. i'm currently reading jane jacob's Dark Age Ahead. this woman, born in 1916 & still a kick ass writer/thinker (Dark Age Ahead was published last year). I'm more excited to read The Death and Life of Great American Cities which is stitting patiently on my top shelf.

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