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December 29, 2004 - 10:38 pm

cornelius is running around packing and checking things off his list. that's the kind of packer he is. meticulous. i'm the opposite: slap n' dash and always forgetting a toothbrush or my contacts. with c being extra attentive, he can keep me on my toes as he notes what i should be bringing too. tommorrow night after c gets back home from work we're heading to portland to visit kyla and ring up the new year american-style....which i hope means the same as it does here: good friends, good drinks, good food, good times. it will be a short visit as i have to be back at work on monday morning. unfortunately, i'm not feeling all that well. hopefully, what feels like a cold coming on will be gone by tommorrow morning. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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