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December 27, 2004 - 9:48 am

it was a nice christmas this year. cornelius got me a print gocco and the carter family biography will you miss me when i'm gone. i'm pretty excited about the print gocco and pretty scared to use it at the same time. i got cornelius the early gospel goodbye, babylon boxset and a cordless drill. he was more than thrilled! after opening presents at our house, we headed to c's parents house for more gift opening. his parents got us a new sheet set, some soft bathroom towels and a fierce henckels chef knife.

yesterday we had friends over and exchanged even more presents while watching "freaks and geeks" and playing a game of survive. i had made mulled wine and dan made hot toddy's and we ate bits of food all day long. it was a perfectly relaxing day.

today we're heading to the art gallery to see bruce mau's massive change exhibit and just maybe we'll take a peek at the sales.

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