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December 09, 2004 - 4:20 pm

i'm home sick and i'd really really love some udon soup from the noodle place across from the downtown public library. unfortunately, c is working at the renfrew library tonight. boo -- no fun snacks he can bring home for me. however he just called from commercial drive and asked if there was a movie i'd want to watch. i couldn't think of anything, so he decided to get me "13 going on 30". ha!! he knows i'm a total sucker for any movie starring mark ruffalo.

our downstairs neighbour has always played his music too fucking loud but i've never said anything to him. this afternoon, his excessively loud judas priest woke me up. i went downstairs (in my pj bottoms and hoodie) to ask him if he could turn it down as i was sick. he was a real sweetie and actually did. i don't often use the word sweetie, especially towards someone with unfortunate musical tastes, but he really was. he wished i would get better soon and told me to bang on the floor whenever his music got too loud for my tastes. yay!

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