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December 08, 2004 - 9:42 pm

i went to work feeling a bit sick. i figured i only had one major project to work on and then i could go home. well, that is just what happened...except the one major project really was major and i didn't go home until 6pm. but i learned a lot. i worked on some old polls that my old boss had coded the backend and i found so many mistakes that she had missed...which didn't capture information for our biggest client. i ended up fixing them but it took all day when i just wanted to go home. but it wasn't a total loss, in fact, i felt pretty good that i was able to solve everything and get it all done. i learned new things and finally started to feel good in my new role.

and there's no fucking way i'm going in to work tommorrow.

even though i have spent most of the evening sitting in my lovely flannel pj's watching a high calibre of television programming (sex and the city, america's next top model, the gilmore girls), i have not felt guity. well, not true. 3 hours of television in a row is pretty rough for me especially when my sewing machine or felt fabric or xmas card making supplies are not involved. but i'm sick and i can get away with things like this, right? right! and tommorrow -- yes, this is the exciting part -- i can watch oprah!! oh yes, sick days!

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