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December 10, 2004 - 9:06 am

i'm not going in to work again today. i'm still sick, but i will work on projects from home, cuz that's the kind of trooper i am! actually, it's only one project and i normally would have my assistant doing it, but i haven't showed him how to do back end stuff yet, and plus, he's really slow! it shouldn't take me more than 1 hour or so to do the work. not bad.

yesterday i watched "13 going on 30" and actually liked it. naturally, i swooned over mark ruffalo's character. c asked me, did he play the same beaten up dog character in this movie too? and of course, i had to agree. but that's okay, its a perfect sick-girl movie and i don't mind that he's type-cast one bit.

while watching the movie, i finished all of my christmas stockings proving that i can be productive and be sick at the same time. today, i've got to work on my cards and maybe i can fit in one other little project as well! i only realized that christmas is just 2 weeks away and i've still got so much to do! i'm planning on making chutney and processing it for the first time as a real preserve. i'd like to do it on sunday, but we'll see if it works out. sunday is also a huge entire day-long cornelius family gathering in abbotsford. we both dread going and this year i really, really don't want to go. is it too bad to wish that i'll still be too sick to go? monday is our work christmas party and i've got to buy a $20 gift for someone i barely know. fun!

i should stop worrying as i'm sure i'll get everything done that i want to. i should just worry about getting better. i don't want to be sick for much longer (well, except for this sunday -- i wouldn't mind being sick just on that day!)

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