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August 30, 2004 - 1:00 pm

i had a bit of a breakdown with tears and all kinds of bad feelings on thursday night before i left for seattle on friday. i guess i've had a pretty shitty month. work has been a drag and i feel like my life is at a crossroads again. will it ever end? i had too many thoughts in my head and not enough time to make sense of it all. i figured this trip would just end up sucking more out of me with too many itineraries and too much social activity. needless to say, i wasn't at my best when dan and pam came to pick me up. but the trip down went well, despite the horrid tasting margarita i had at casa que pasa in bellingham. we arrived in seattle and just chilled with beers and dominos and some good chatting. i gave kyla her birthday gift which i think she liked and it was nice to have those girl-to-girl conversations face to face again.

the next day we headed to the dish for breakfast where i had the best biscuits and gravy ever. i don't understand why this isn't on canadian breakfast menus! true, it sounds disgusting and not-at-all breakfast in nature, but i loved it all the same. we then drove to alki beach and i found some good scores at a garage sale (i spent 35 cents on a beautiful pyrex wheat bowl and some owl fridge magnets). it was nice walking on the beach but i felt a bit of an outsider as i was the only one sans partner. afterwards, we had to check out the library and i loved it! it was so beautiful and european and modern. sadly, the collection seemed outdated and old. i never realized that libraries are publically funded in the states, which seems strange to me. we then drove out to get some of the best bar-b-que ever and took it home to eat with beers and some more games. when dan and pam tired out, kyla, sergio and i decided to explore more and they took me to visit old ballard which i loved beyond belief. i wish i could have had more time to vist and plan on doing it next time. we went to a great bar and drank watery yet refreshing beer until we got kicked out.

sunday we relaxed in the morning with a good home-cooked breakfast and then visited the freemont market before playing some mini golf. i was shocked that the mini-golf of my youth with it's castles and dragons and goofy statues had been replaced with tiny but Tiger-approved manicured golf courses. at least we could drink beer while playing. we ended the visit with some bowling and then said our good-bye's in the parking lot.

it was a good trip. i enjoyed seattle more than ever by visiting new places but i still had that nagging voice inside my head that made me enjoy my visit a little bit less than normal.

soon i will get myself back.

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