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August 26, 2004 - 5:07 pm

i'm keeping my fingers crossed right now cuz c is showing the van to some guy who came all the way from victoria to see it...and hopefully buy it. that would be a huge load off our minds and a huge deposit into our bank account!!

this has been a pretty non-descript week. i've been feeling pretty shitty about work and my stress-levels are not doing so good. yesterday was a horrible day at work, my stomach was in knots and i knew that when i got home i couldn't take a break. kristen was coming over for dinner and i had some left-over work to do as well. but cooking a vegan feast went very well indeed. i made deliciously garlicy bruschetta, fettucini with homemade pesto and fresh tomatoes. for dessert i made a fruit crumble with some peaches, apples, blueberries and blackberries.* we also drank a lot of beer, so it was all good times. when kristen left, i had to get to work but my beer buzz seemed to make things easier and when i encountered stupid html problems, i was able to find 'em and fix 'em lickety split! who knew that beer was the magic cure-all?

today work wasn't much better but the rains stopped so it's starting to feel like summer again. i sadly haven't biked all week due to the weather but i'm looking forward to riding around tommorrow. i'm also looking forward to going to seattle to visit kyla this weekend. sadly cornelius cannot come along due to work, but i've got dan and pam renting the car and i'm sure that it will be all good times ahead. i've always found seattle a bit boring but i'm sure it was because i've always gone their only for rock shows, so i've only explored a few neighbourhoods. i also hope to visit her in september when i've got more time to spend and when c can come along for the ride.

* i realized only after i had put the crumble in the oven that i had used some butter for the crumble topping. oops! my first vegan mistake. i didn't tell her about it (second vegan mistake -- tho i blame my beer buzz) and she loved every bite of it. fucking vegans.

damn. i just heard from cornelius and the guy didn't buy the van. he wanted to go down to some really low number. damn!

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