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July 14, 2004 - 1:16 pm

so we didn't go to playland today, choosing sleeping in and reading and having a good ol' time instead. we'll go to playland when my neck fully heals as i don't want to end up with whiplash when riding the wild mouse! last night we watched the amazing race for the first time ever (i didn't have cable before) and loved it! we're totally rooting for the team with the "small lady". they were freakin' highlarious!

here is the only photo c took of kyla's wedding cake. i made 2 cakes but i'm decorating the "red velvet cake" in this photo, motel-syle, with dotted necco candies.

here are 2 cakes i made last night and decorated today. the one with the "R" is for my old boss who's giving me a load of free software and i had to make a small one for cornelius just cuz!

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