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July 13, 2004 - 6:04 pm

looks like things are getting better and better! tommorrow c and i are planning a trip to playland to ride the coaster and the octopus and whatever other ride tickles our fancy. in the evening, i've got a crafty meeting with the "adcrafty group" -- a bunch of us who worked for adcrusters. it should be fun and i'll be delivering a chocolate fudge cake (recipe courtesy of arajane) to swap for some much needed software. on thursday i will work and then on friday we'll be heading off to the valhalla sleeping units on saltspring island. i'm pretty excited to be staying over in a "sleeping unit" (the playhouse to be exact)!! it will be nice to get away from vancouver for a weekend and enjoy the beaches and markets and pubs!

we have to be back early on sunday as c has to work at the library, so we'll probably end up coming home saturday night. up until today he was working on call but now he is hired on part time to work at one of the branches. i guess it's good because he will get higher pay and he'll get benefits (that will hopefully cover me too!) but he's hired for weekends and that just sucks ass. but back to this weekend. after his shift on sunday, we'll be attending his family bbq....i can't say that it will be loads of fun, but we'll be sure to play croquet and eat lots of good stuff.

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