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July 15, 2004 - 5:29 pm

i just started my new book today and it seems like the most perfect book for travelling. i'm excited to go to salt spring tommorrow and ride my bike around the island. i'm also thinking about travelling by bus (not fun!) to seattle the following weekend to visit kyla (how fun!!). it should be fun visiting her new life and wandering about in her new neighbourhood and chatting and laughing like old times.

it's been a pretty great week. i've been back at the gym and crossing things off lists. last night i met up with my ol' art department adbluster cronies for a night of pink drinks and crafts. lately, i haven't been meeting up with them because i never really felt a great connection with them -- tho i had been keeping up with certain friends on a one-to-one basis. but i had a great time! i was surprised because my most favorite adcrusty gal-pal couldn't attend, and i still enjoyed myself. i guess i can be social if i have too! my old boss was there and he gave me a dvd with all kinds of good stuff that i'll need once i have the guts to install osx. he's the best! he's so sweet and great and cute and i can't believe he's been single all this time.

tonight i'm heading to the gym for a stint on the stairmaster where i'll be spraying down the machine before as well as after i excercise. when i was there the other day, the stairmaster felt disgusting. i've never felt i had to wipe down the machine before i use it, but at this community centre gym, no one seems to use the bottles of spray that are provided just for that purpose! it drives me nuts!!! i always wipe down the thousand icky droplets of sweat that i leave on the machine and it pisses me off that others don't do the same. the last gym i attended, everyone seemed very digilent about wiping up their sweat, but not here. so now i will be the crazy one who sprays and wipes before and after her workout. grrrrr.

at least i have a blueberry-strawberry smoothie to look forward to when i get home!

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