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July 04, 2004 - 2:52 pm

it's a beautiful day and my cold bedammed, i headed out to chinatown for a walk and some groceries. i haven't been up to too much for the looooong weekend as i've been trying to get some rest and feel better, but leaving the apartment was the perfect cure for my boredom at least. last night we were very domestic. c recovered snoopy's scratching post and i made some granola, before we both settled down with some beers and some backgammon. i won 2 games and c only won once. whooo.

friday night we rented two videos from our friendly underground dvd rental "store", "m00nb0y videos" -- though i guess it's not so underground, as he's got a sidewalk sign out front. we got bubba hotep (horrible) and swimming pool (enjoyable) but m00nb0y also slipped us a cbc3 documentary about his one-tonne plus deadlifting record. it was pretty awesome! one day he told c all about how he was able to lift one ton plus (which he also informed c was way more than arnold schwartzenneger could ever lift), and we didn't know what to believe...but here it was on videotape. he's a pretty neat guy and after searching for his name on google i found another cbc radio3 photo documentary on the rooming house and it's residents: the lucky r00ms. this is where he lives and holds his dvd rental store. you can watch it here -- just click on the "fortunes 468" link and enjoy. i love my neighbourhood.

right now, i'm cursing that i didn't buy any lime and black pepper chips from the t&t supermarket. damn. also, i ate the last of my homemade cranberry and lime popsicles last night. double damn.

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