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July 02, 2004 - 12:15 pm

it's great not having to be at work today, but it's not so great that i'm feeling a bit sick. thank goodness for television, tho right now my choices are limited to some really bad teen prom movie starring tracy gold and trading spaces. maybe i'll just nap instead.

last night, we were going to see bakelite at the astoria, but realized when we got to the doors, that we were left our cash at home. damn. but since the astoria is only 3 blocks away, it wasn't such a bad thing. a nice evening walk with a full moon looming. it was also pretty funny since i didn't recognize a single person (read: too-young-hipster) standing in front. i think i'm finally getting old, or something. because we're so old, we didn't go back home to get the cash, instead we went back home and got into bed. oldsters indeed.

i had been thinking for awhile that i wanted to get a new computer. a couple of weeks ago we went into the apple store and were greated by a salesman who said "don't drool on the new g5s". gah, it's that attitude that makes me hate my mac. c's been trying to pressure me into buying a new pc since it would less than half of what i'd spend on a new g5, but i'm not buying. i do love my mac but i can't afford something new, so i'm just going to soup up my g4 this weekend with a new graphics card and ram. my friend is dropping me off a copy of osx today, so i think i'll be pretty set after that. i emailed my mac friends with a bribe of a homebaked 6 layer cake in exchange for software programs that will run on osx without having to run mac classic. i'm in the same boat as demoderby and i'll definitely send her the programs once my cake bribe bites. my fingers are crossed!

i'm also looking for the person (again) who referred their mom to me as a freelance client. i'm pretty sure it must be a dland person, so please make yourself known and i'll send you some very delicious homemade cookies as a thank you!!

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