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July 07, 2004 - 10:10 am

at work on monday my cold was gone, vanished, vamoosed. figures. but work wasn't so bad. i learned to do some asp coding and i didn't screw up once -- tho i wish i had just so that i could play with it until i felt confident enough. my boss is going away for a week in august and hopefully she'll have more stuff for me to work on before then. when i got home that night, our apatment was an oven. so instead of slaving over one, we decided to order out and we got some delicous indian food delivered. we relaxed by watching mtv's cribs and drinking beer. mtv's cribs is pretty funny. i get a kick out of watching the weirdly suburban homes of punked out celebrities i've never heard of. it was also while watching cribs that i learned cutie-pie missy elliott sleeps in a ferrarri bed cuz ricky schroder on silver spoons slept in one. haha.

yesterday i worked from home and then did even more work for our freelance client. all i really wanted to do was drink a rootbeer float but when i got to the store, they only had diet rootbeer and there was no way i was going to make a hagen daaz float with diet rootbeer. i guess having a rootbeer float will have to wait. i'm doing more freelance work again today but i'm hoping that i can convince cornelius to take a break and see a matinee with me. he's the good worker and i'm the bad worker. and if i'm lucky he can buy me a rootbeer float!

i'm dreading my 2 days back at the graphic design place. it's been so long since i've worked there and it felt good. i guess 2 days is really nothing and i shouldn't complain. i like the people, it's just the stupid corporate environment that i hate. and friday i will get to see what a $400,000 one-bedroom townhome in my neighbourhood costs. a friend just bought one and is having a housewarming party and i'm so freaking curious to see what it's like. and she can see the "lucky r00ms" rooming house from her tiny porch.

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