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April 19, 2004 - 7:00 am

it was a weekend of hustle and bustle. it included a trip to ikea which later entailed hauling up eight foot boxes up 3 flights of stairs. not only did we buy our pax wardrobes but we sold my chest of drawers! whoo! after that adventure in moving, we hopped on our bikes and went to the blim market and met the lovely as always demoderby and got to meet the infamous mr. sweets. after that, we hustled to get c's parents van back and make it to randy's for some pre-show drinks. the show was p!ano, canned hamm, sparr0w and y0ung and sexy at the maritime workers' hall. it was some gala for the 24 hour film festival and it proved once again just how much film people suck. but the show on the whole was great and we all got really drunk and silly. we then moved on to the secret bar at the wise hall and continued with the beers and the chatting. c and i got home at 4am with the spins in full effect.

sunday morning did not exist but we managed to make a lovely greasy breakfast at two o'clock in the afternoon. it gave us enough substanance to put together our pax wardrobes and plan out the rest of our bedroom organizing nightmare. it was even c's idea to draw out a floor plan and then cut out furniture in a different colour paper and plan it all out. besides looking totally hott yesterday, c's organizing forte is one of many reasons why i can't keep my paws off that fella.

relaxing weekend? i think i missed that one.

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