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April 15, 2004 - 5:26 pm

it will be my 34th birthday in less than a month. yikes! but to relieve the stress (actually, i there is no stress cuz i don't really care), me and cornelius are planning a trip to portland from may 6 - 9th. if we can find a cheap flight, we'll head to vegas instead. either way, it will be the first time i will have spent my birthday away from home and friends....and that's more of a big deal than turning thirty-four. last night i started reading fugitives and refugees by chuck palahniuk just to bone up on portland haunts and strange sights. it thankfully has a list of portland recommended restaurants...cuz i've never been able to find a great restaurant there. vegas or portland i'm excited to get out of this city!

in other news, i'm very sad to hear that svend is stepping down. he actually made me believe that politicians can do good work. go svend!! but i don't think i can say it better than demoderby.

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