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April 10, 2004 - 9:53 am

we accomplished a lot yesterday and it was mainly about spring cleaning. in the morning we got rid of all the recyclables that had been hanging around our apartment. i think it took at least 3 trips to get rid of it all. then we went to the union market where we purchased breakfast supplies and had an impromtu picnic eating hot cross buns in the park outside our building. it was a gorgeous day outside, but c was really in a cleaning/organizational mood that i felt that we should just run with that cuz who knows when it would strike again.

we got photos up on craigslist of some furniture we want to sell and we've already received a couple of emails. we've got to get rid of this stuff so that we can get our ikea wardrobes in. and yesterday browsing on craigslist i found an old post from someone that was giving away the exact pax closet we wanted for free! damn, i should be reading that thing everyday. oh well, we already picked up pax wardrobe that someone in our 'hood was getting rid of for cheap. plus, i really do want to go to ikea soon.

i got some work done for a client and after that was finished, me and c got to work and created a new lite brite display for our hallway. we created the design ourselves and it took well over an hour to plan out all the curves and details. but it was worth the effort. our friend dan called and invited us for a monday trip to bellingham. we're going! i totally have to leave vancouver if only for a day. it will feel good to head to one of my favorite nearby places and thrift and shop and drink good beer and eat yummy burritos. actually, i'll probably order my favorite meal there which is actually a vegan quessadilla called the "green magma". no cheese, but really really good! mmmm.

we read in bed together and fell asleep fast. it was a good friday indeed.

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