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April 08, 2004 - 10:15 pm

after my wednesday crisis was dealt with, i decided that the only way to salvage the rest of the day was to be out in the sun and look busy. i walked to my favorite store in chinatown where i bought 3 lovely bobble-headed wooden cutie dolls for $1.50 and stacks of pretty cherry blossom paper for another $1.50. oh the van-china, how i love thee!! i then headed to the post office in chinatown and picked up my parcel from the lovely myra-lee. i was so happy that it wasn't lost in the postal void and i was even happier to open up all the goodies!!

it was all this goodness that made me hop on my bike and head to buy 2 tickets to the iron and wine show that night. and boy, was i glad i did! it was beeeutiful and i loved every moment of the show. the opener was some guy who played with iron and wine, but on his own did some john fahey instrumental stuff. it was nice and once and a while he'd introduce a song and tell the crowd what story it told. me and c ran with that theme and for every song, we'd come up with what story was really being told. my favorite was when c said, "this song is a song about infidelity. it involves 4 people in a web of deceit and 2 of them own a bed and breakfast". well, it was funny after a couple of beers.

work was hellish today due to the late night and the very early morning. i could barely think and worse, my hair looked horrible. i came home early and napped. when c came home he had presents for me: some ginger ale (cuz he knew i was feeling all woozy), easter chocolates and a lomo lc-a that he had just bought me from ebay!! no crappy lomo action sampler for this girl! i was completely surprised, what a sweetie that boy is!! i accompanied c as he did laundry and took pictures like crazy. i'm hoping that they'll turn out even though i'm using really old film so i doubt i'll be getting that lovely saturated colour that lomos are known for. i'm also hoping that there are no light leaks either. it's a very easy to use camera, especially compared to my pentax spotomatic with the broken light meter. i think this will be fun!

next up: 4 day weekend!!

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