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January 28, 2004 - 12:52 pm

i'm listening to very loud doo-wop right now and i'm working from home. i thought there wouldn't be very much to do today, but i've been busy all morning and i'm only taking my first break now. i still haven't showered yet, but at 8am i did walk to the local store and picked up some yummy non-iced raisin cinnamon buns and some oatmeal. it's a nice day so far and i can't complain about the work. i'm hoping that there won't be much more work left cuz i really want to see the new exhibit at the vag. now, that would make it a perfect day...well that and an afternoon beer! oh and a cheque in the mail from one of my freelance clients would be a nice top up!

i'm not about to question why i have been in such a fantastic mood lately. happiness abounds! i'm loving life. my bike rides or my walks to and from work are great! i've taken to working out again and rarely do i miss a day. there really must be some truth to endorphins. ha. my mood is even making my work more than bearable. tho i've begun thinking do i really really want to be a web/graphic designer? or is it just my job that needs some change? i do need to find a full time job. one with benefits and more creative imput. or do i just hate work? hmmm. will this be the year of my career?? i sure hope so.

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