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January 25, 2004 - 10:34 am

on friday c was supposed to hear about the library job. he didn't and was being extremely fatalistic. but somehow he turned it around in time for randy's board-game birthday party. i think a few beers, a few exciting rounds of pit and good company cheered him up considerably. a definite good time was had by all....even though i fell asleep for a short time around 3am on randy's couch.

the next morning we woke up way too early to eat some yummy porridge and oh-so-thankfully, a saturday morning call from the public library giving cornelius a much-needed job. oh boy!! after that round of excitement, we headed for some home decorating adventure. our first stop was lee valley where we picked up a very lovely stainless steel compost pail. then it was off to home depot to figure out some kind of closet organization. when we didn't find what we were after, we headed to the big blue box across the street and found exactly what we wanted for a bit more than we wanted to spend. we did buy some nice looking roman blinds to cover our bedroom window and hopefully soon we'll end our bedroom storage problems with some new stuff. wheeee! we headed to c's parents house for dinner as we welcomed his dad back from his kayaking trip in thailand. he brought c back some very p1rated dvds including the l0rd of the r1ngs trilogy...yes, even the final one still in theaters. when we came home, we watched the third creepy hour of lars von trier'sthe kingdom which we've gotten from the library. only one more hour left!

it's been a good weekend and tonight we're meeting kyla for some more good times, music and beer at the railway. and i'm sooooo happy about c's new job!! it's on-call but he's also got an interview for a full-time job there next week. i feel now that we can now confidantly plan ahead for our future: put more money into our savings account and pay off debts, plan small trips and so much more! it's exciting!

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