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January 29, 2004 - 7:40 pm

this afternoon c emailed me at work to say that there was a bald eagle perched upon the cross at the chinese catholic church a block away from our house. that was at 2pm. at 4pm i rode my bike towards home in the pouring rain and there was the eagle still perched on the cross! considering i was soaking wet from the ride, i did have to stop, stare and smile.

i'm not smiling at our leaky ceiling right above our bed. it leaked yesterday morning and now i just heard the first "ding!" as the droplet hit the soup pot that has been sitting on our bed. oh fun! our landlord was alerted yesterday and there hasn't been any work done yet. and yesterday we were given a rent increase notice. once our ceiling has been fixed, i'm going to demand that our landlord put in new carpet and pay for paint for our soon-to-be-painted livingroom. even though i am complaining, i really do love our apartment and our rent is still the cheapest rent of anyone i've heard about living in this city. i'd just like a change and a ceiling that doesn't have cornelius jumping out of bed at 6 in the morning because he's wet from the leak.

now i'll head back to my big bowl of popcorn and sour cherry kool-aid. i'll also hope that this movie about henry darger comes to vancouver. my fingers are crossed!

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