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December 04, 2003 - 4:58 pm

it's been a busy week and i'm so glad that it's almost over! on tuesday night we took out c's dad to eat meat at memphis blues for his birthday. dinner was good but the whole night was extra stressful. his mom had bought everyone tickets to see eric idle of monty python fame later that night. i hate hate hate monty python (they actually make me physically nauseous!)....but to be a good sport and to be part of the family, i went. and boy was it bad. lots of dumb pandering to the crowd and a few really offensive jokes. and it was a night of mostly monty python skits. yup, i was not having much fun and didn't even chuckle once. neither did c, for that matter -- and even likes monty python. his parents, tho, had a good time and that's what it was all about.

last night, i tried to make my xmas crafts and failed miserably. i guess i wasn't using the right materials, but just the thought of starting the entire process again makes me want to find a new craft! does anyone have any good suggestions on things to make as xmas gifts??

tonight i should start work coding one of my freelance projects but i'm also tempted to start making my xmas cards. despite last night's miserable failings, i'm still feeling a bit crafty. at least i'm familiar the process of making block prints.

i appologize if this diary is just a rundown of events and unimportant details. maybe one day i'll have fantastic news or exciting stories to tell, but for now you'll just have to read about how i really, really have to do laundry and how it is really important for c to find a job (any job) and how after watching the thanksgiving 'what not to wear' marathon, i really need someone to give me five thousand bucks on a new wardrobe and tell me what i'm doing wrong. sorry, run-on sentences and all. it's all i can muster up right now.

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