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December 09, 2003 - 9:05 am

this weekend we got a christmas tree! it's so pretty and decorated and twinkly and it smells so good. our cat, snoopy, is having a fun time batting all the lower ornaments and the tree is being a better "master" than we are. i also tried making my xmas cards last night but ended up slicing up my finger. i don't know what is going on, but the past few months i've totally been slicing up my leg and fingers. i've seen more gobs of blood than the normal person should. yuck.

i've been trying to be busy but on sunday we had some of cornelius' family obligations to attend to. a huge family celebration in abbotsford in the basement rec hall of his grandma's senior centre. at least there was good food and games to keep me occupied. i even managed to knit a few rows too. but i was glad when it was all over. familiy obligations, i'm just not used to them! i like my own anti-social family better i guess.

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