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December 01, 2003 - 11:05 am

it seems so forbidden to update my diary from work, but it's dead here and there doesn't seem much to do besides goof off on dland. at least i'm getting paid for it.

it would be nice to go home early. i've just put some new slide film into my pentax spotomatic this morning and realized that my light meter is dead. actually, i realized that a long time ago and only now, when i actually need my manual camera, has it come back to haunt me. i'll head to the camera store today and hope that it's only my battery that is dead. i'm crossing my fingers cuz a light meter repair will be a fortune.

i'd also like to stop by the art store for supplies for my christmas crafts. i'm pretty excited and can only hope that my ideas will actually flesh out okay. that's always my biggest fear: that the images in my head will turn out like crap in real life. but isn't that all our biggest fear??

depending on how much work i get to do today, stay tuned for another installment of oh-sweet-pea's day at work!

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