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November 14, 2003 - 6:38 pm

when it rains it fucking pours! the past week has been filled with work and interviews and calls for more interviews. i don't know what the fuck is going on -- but i'm certainly not complaining. i worked at my graphic design day job all this week and then i'd go home to nights filled with extra work from my web design job. like 6 hours a night-worth. yikes. harsh deadlines without little forwarning doesn't happen too often so i won't complain -- cuz i certainly need the cash. and i actually like the work. but i will admit to missing the sleep. i do not like dark puffy eyes, as they certainly do not match my pink and brown work outfits!

on wednesday i had the most amazing interview with a really great woman....the kind of woman i'd love as a friend. and that's how the interview went. she thought i was too over qualified for the position but would keep me in mind for other work. but the work she offered sounded good -- and the fact that the work environment was great and it was a full time permanent job also sounded good too. the way she spoke made me think i've got the job. i'll find out early next week. eeek!

then tonight after a hellish work week, i came home to two (2!!) calls for more interviews next week. one is for a total dream job that i don't think i'm in anyway qualified for. it's a communications manager position for my most favorite non-profit film organization in town. it pays an actual grown-up career salary and like i said, is my actual dream job! i can't belive they called. couldn't they see from my resume that i've never managed people and besides my graphic and web design experience don't have that kind of leadership experience. yikes!!! the interview will certainly be somethin' else. if anyone has any tips to making a great impression as a responsible, grown-up adult with a charming personality and a totally together head-on-her-shoulders attitude, fill me in! the other job interview is just another web design contract thing. bah.

right now, i'm heading over with some boozy drinkables and the video of "centre stage" to kyla's. we're going to watch the above film along with some sex in the city and queer eye. a little relaxing celebration for good news and good times all 'round! hooray!!!

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