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November 18, 2003 - 10:05 am

i called in "sick" this morning. and i am. sort of. well, i'm tired and i feel slightly nauseous and it's raining out and i've got to prepare for tommorrow's big job interview. so there. it's for a good cause. i'm also hoping to get my hair cut today, but i don't feel like taking a long bus ride or riding my bike all the way up main street. it's been a long time since i've called in "sick". i guess, i had it pretty easy for a long time by only working three days a week. now that i'm working full time, a sick day now and then isn't such a bad idea.

i've got big decisions to make. i haven't heard word back about the job that i interviewed for last week but i should be prepared just in case they offer it to me. i have to lay down my options and figure out just what is the best road for me to take. with my current situation, i'm stuck with a temp agency for 2 days a week but i've got a pretty sweet job where i actually design and do something creative on the other 3 days. however, both jobs are contract. this potential new job is full time with 3 months probation and then becomes permanent. it is only an entry-level graphic/web design job so i was even told by the interviewer that i'd be doing a lot of grunt work. and it involves doing work in flash and i haven't touched flash in ages and even when i did, i didn't get it. so i certainly wouldn't be able to add anything to my portfolio. but it pays well enough. i'm not even going to imagine the possibility of getting my dream job. cuz like i've said, it's a dream job. so i've got a lot of thinking to do.

so i think i will spend the morning sleeping...because, yes, i really am not feeling that well. and then i think i will spend the afternoon researching the non-profit and finding out exactly what a communications manager does.

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