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November 11, 2003 - 11:51 am

it's not even noon and i'm dressed and i had a meeting with a client. my starbucks americano is still somewhat warm! did i mention that today is a holiday? whoooo! i have a feeling that the client is going to be one those really difficult ones, so i'm quoting high and will be spelling everything out for them in a very, very detailed contract. after our meeting, me and c walked around chinatown and poked around in shops looking at beautiful japanese plates and other strange delights that seem to be only found in chinatown.

yesterday i did everything i needed to do except for some house cleaning. i think that will be my goal for today...tho today will be less task-oriented. last night i met up with my good friend carley for delicious martinis at the alibi room. it turns out that since i live in the same neighbourhood as the alibi, i get 10% off my bill. not much, but definitely an incentive for late night snacks and martinis -- tho i don't think i need much of an incentive to go for drinks!

i think i'm off to the drive today for groceries and videos. more knitting too! i completely unravelled the scarf i was working on the other day, making it 7 rows across rather than 10. and it wasn't even a pain in the ass. seriously, anything to keep me knitting. i'm hooked!

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