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November 07, 2003 - 5:45 pm

i'm drunk and i just got home from work. i guess fridays at the new job they hand out beers at 4 o'clock. i'm down with that shit. it made for a fun bike ride home in the dark. especially since i was wearing a lovely wool plaid skirt that is a tad bit too narrow for heisting drunken legs over boy-bar bikes. kyla came to visit me at work today to drop off some baby things for a shower that i'm going to on sunday. she felt weird being there cuz it's soooo that-hip-kind-of-corporate, y'know. i know. and i do. also, i think i will now do a drunken public service announcement for kyla. her diaryland site (aka kayemess) has disappeared. she doesn't know why. i will fix her up good n' plenty but that won't be until she comes back from her amercian long weekend away. so don't fret. she'll be back. (she didn't ask me to do this. i'm just drunk and feeling like "reaching out").

okey then. tommorrow is ice skating! yes!! tonight....? well, who knows. more later. less drunk.

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