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November 05, 2003 - 6:42 pm

sure today was a better day. my boss at the new job emailed me to say that yesterday was no big deal. a huge relief. i was working my other job today and my boss bought me a starbucks eggnog latte and it totally made me ill. cramps, pain, the whole bit. but i recovered quickly enough and finished up the xmas card i designed for for the vancouver office. the best part about the day was the bike riding to and from work. it's particularily cold in vancouver and i love it. i love that it's not raining and i love that the sun shines bright. i love that this morning people were scraping frost off their car windshields as i passed by on my bike in my twead skirt and flowing pink scarf.

a little while ago i was bitching about feeling shitty about my clothes (either they are ill-fitting, stained, ripped or buttonless). well, i'm resolving that problem. i've bought some lovely new and new-to-me clothes lately (thank you gap sales and trips to the states for target moccino sweaters and plentiful thrifts) and decided that whenever i buy something new, i've got to get rid of something old. right now i'm on a buy one, get rid of two craze. my closet is small and filled. the only way to get stuff in is to get more stuff out. it feels good. and my clothes look way better! i feel like one step closer to being an adult!

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