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November 09, 2003 - 9:13 am

yesterday was a wonderful, wonderful day! c and i walked to commercial drive to return movies (down with love! sooo pretty!) and was so happy to see the return of "the record guy" selling his records right on the corner. when i was dating ryan, and living on the drive, we would always buy our records from this guy selling records out of cardboard boxes on the corner. sometimes, he'd let us root through all the boxes in his trunk and the backseat of his car. i remember getting all my best records from him, all in great condition and all top notch. my record collection, if i may say, is pretty much bang on. [side note: i love phrases like bang on and top notch cuz they do mean something, but what exactly can be up to the interpreter. ah, vagueness!] anyway, i ended up with 2 records (a staxx xmas and glen campbell) and me and c plan on having breakfasts on the drive on other sunny saturdays, just in case. i also managed to buy a front bike light. it's a tiny l.e.d. light that is actually supa bright and only cost me 7 bux. hopefully, my fears of dying during rush hour traffic will considerably lessen.

we then headed to main street where i bought a pretty plaid aline wool skirt at the ymca thrift store. we also bought some poppy seed rugalah at solly's bagels and ate a yummy lunch at the reef where we shared a jerk chicken roti and plantain chips. we managed to make it to the wool shop before it closed and i bought a very pretty multi-coloured chunky textured wool to make a scarf for my friend kristen -- yes, i'm starting early on the xmas presents this year. and no, i'm not giving scarfs to everyone. after our long day, we decided not to head up to the mountains and ice skate. we were just too tired. instead, we made it to the brickhouse (our neighbourhood bar) and drank a couple pale ales, played gin and ate dinner. we walked home and i went to bed early. it was a fantastic day.

today i am going to a my very first baby shower! my friend jason and his girlfriend kathy are having a baby. they are a very rock n' roll couple (he being the lead singer in the band the nasty 0n and she being singer/guitarist in the c1nch) and i wanted to make them something equally rock n' roll for a baby shower present but came up empty on ideas or skills. instead i bought a little baby sock/rattle thingy with a turtle motif. it's cute and soft -- totally not rock n' roll. oh well, maybe i'll be planting the seeds of rebellion in the little one -- i mean, who really thinks their parents are cool?

off to bake cupcakes!

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