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October 04, 2003 - 4:25 pm

i think my neighbour problem has been resolved without any of my doings. phew! i've noticed for the past 2 days that their window curtains have not only been shut tight, but that they've replaced the sheers with sturdy cotton drapes. hurray!!! i guess they must have been disgusted with all the constant making out that me and c do. i mean, all i've ever seen our neighbours do is play computer solitaire together....and apparently they are also a young couple who have just moved in from england (he's from england, she's canadian who met him while she was living there -- i only know this cuz her mother lives in the apartment beside us.) but anyway, i'm glad that issue is resolved. now i can feel free and happy in my apartment again.

last night i saw kiss me deadly at the film fest. it was fantastic! it made me want to visit l.a.'s bunker hill and ride the fernicular -- but as i read today, bunker hill was levelled and industrial wasteland took over in the 1960's. sigh. and today i worked at the theater for the film fest matinee of a nice lil' swedish movie called the guy in the grave next door. it was a sweet romantic comedy and my eyes welled up with tears. what can i say, i'm a sucker. tommorrow's matinee is still TBA so it better be a good one!

right now i've got to get down to working on my freelance project because i'm meeting with my clients on wednesday and want to be extra prepared and blow them away with my designs. but later, as a treat, i think me and c will rent a dvd and relax. i'm still sick y'know.

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