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October 02, 2003 - 6:46 pm

i feel like the quality of my apartment life is slipping with the arrival of new neighbours. i first should explain: our livingroom and kitchen windows face into the apartment of the across the hall neighbor. our last neighbour was a weird one all right, but he had the decency to cover up his large livingroom window that faced ours with a old sheet. i should note that the apartment across the hall has 2 livingroom windows and we only have one. our new neighbours who appeared when we got back from our trip do not have an old sheet on their window. in fact, they have lovely ikea swirly patterned sheers as window coverings -- which they hardly ever use. and even when they do use their sheers, well, they are after all sheers. i have gotten used to pretty much keeping our living room window open as it lets in quite a bit of light into our apartment, but now i don't know what to do. cornelius says that i shouldn't confront our new neighbours even in the politest way. i, on the other hand, want to get things straight but don't know what would be the most neighbourly way to do so. it's true that we haven't even actually met them -- other than some quiet spying on both sides (they are in their early/mid-20's and spend a lot of time playing solitaire on the computer together). should i introduce myself? should i mention that we only have one window and we like to use it? i have no idea. if anyone has any suggestions, i'd love to hear them! i've never ever had a neighbourly rapport and i don't know how to get one going. please, my sanity needs your help!

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