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September 29, 2003 - 5:14 pm

well so far my resolve is working like a charm and it doesn't hurt that i got a brand new job! well, right now it's not permanent or anything like that, but it is a web design job that pays well and they want me to work more. i had my first day today and it went well. i just hand-coded someone else's design and made only a few of my own design changes, but i will be doing more of the design work soon. the office is located in gastown and they've got the stereotypical hi-tech benefits: a fooz-ball table and indoor golf and a fully stocked kitchen filled to the brim with free goodies, lunches and snacks. i will continue bringing my brown-bag lunches but it was nice to be able to grab a juice from the fridge.

yesterday after meeting up for breakfast with friends, i picked up my bike from the repair shop and rode like a daemon to main street where i got my hair cut. and wow, what a difference! i had been living in a fog of ugliness and low self worth all because i couldn't find the time (or i was too cheap) to get a haircut. my hair is short-ish and i dyed it a lovely shade of auburn. i suddenly look like my old self and i feel a whole lot better too. phew.

now for some travel highlights! in point form no less....

okay, that's all i can muster up right now. please let me know if you received my postcards cuz i sure sent out a bunch to those of you who asked!

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