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August 25, 2003 - 11:35 pm

it's been a good day and i feel that i have ikea to thank. buying those 3 wicker baskets yesterday put me into an organizational flurry of activity. my computer desk area which is normally an insane mess of paper, books, lip gloss, sharpies, and phone numbers scribbled on grocery receipts has now been cleared of any wrong-doing. in fact, it looks simply marvelous! after the desk, i decided to tackle the bedroom dresser and put every lipgloss and stray barrette and hair elastic in its place. i even managed to go into the closet and throw out a huge ikea bag of clothing to take out to the front lawn where it will vanish by morning (it's that kind of neighbourhood). it feels good and i'm excited to work on the kitchen and bathroom tommorrow. i have to get a lot of work done early in the week cuz i've got a lot of freelance work coming later, so i want to be prepared and get my shit done.

after cleaning, me and c watched 'after hours' and wrestled. a good evening indeed.

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