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August 24, 2003 - 9:52 pm

i spent the day with c driving around the town and checking out value villages in the different suburbs. i was good and only bought a lovely orange winter coat with big black buttons! a fine thrifty score. we then decided to head to ikea cuz c needed to buy a stool for his new stand-up computer desk and i needed something to keep my own area organized. i felt like a total grown-up buying 3 identical wicker baskets for the shelf above my computer desk...and i also got to meet the lovely and talented miss jetbot!

after our bout of afternoon shopping, we headed to north burnaby to water the plants and let in the cat for c's parents who are on vacation. after all, it is the least we could do as they are letting us use their car. while we were there, we decided to watch tv and raid their fridge. luckily a good documentary was on the passionate eye and they had chicken fingers in the freezer! (chicken fingers!!!!) when we got home, i decided to actually join friendster. actually i had set up an account a few weeks ago but didn't actually do anything about it until i got an email from miss cerebrate inviting me to be on her friends list. so i've decided to go full-speed ahead on another internet distraction and see how it goes. who wants to be my friend?? email me and i'll put you on my list!

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