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August 09, 2003 - 10:34 am

well, the telephone job interview went well. they told me that it was between me and someone else (which always is the sign of death for me), but they'd tell me the result at the end of the day. well, i got the contract! and the development doesn't start until october, which means that i still can go on my road trip in september. i'm pretty excited cuz it seems like a fun project and the pay is okay.

when i got home from work and heard the good news, we celebrated by making a blackberry pie and playing monopoly all evening. no my life isn't as boring as it seems. i like my life. my domestic bliss and playing board games. oh yes.

the only down side is that c has been waiting for close to a month for his payment from his contract work. he had to take out money on his visa in order to pay rent and in order to have money in his pocket. he doesn't want to borrow money from me and he's feeling pretty bad and depressed. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets paid soon....even though he did take all my money in monopoly.

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