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August 08, 2003 - 8:55 am

right now i should be reciting my confidance lines, practising my speil, and getting into my job interview headspace. i guess i don't have one. i hate job interviews and my job interview -- in exactly one and a half hours -- is on the telephone. how weird. like i could be unshowered, in my underpants and sprawled out on the floor talkin' business. but i won't cuz right after the interview i have to head to work.

last night, after working an hour of overtime, i made a vegetable lasagne from scratch and settled down to watch "pillow talk". ooh, what a pretty movie. it's pretty dumb though and i certainly can't buy doris day as some new york hottie -- she's a matronly mom-figure with bad hair.....but she had great outfits and coats with colour-coordinated linings. a spectacular wardrode and great furniture can take the rough spots from a movie any ol' time.

anyway, i better quit stalling and start coming up with my "strengths" and my "fresh energy" bits. ack.

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