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July 24, 2003 - 5:41 pm

i have found my new love: wfmu internet radio. i've been listening for a few days now and the show that is on right now kicks total nads. the host is "dave the spazz" and it's nothing but 70's punk (new york dolls, the stooges), 50's doo-wop, soul (some great james brown song that i had never heard before), rockabilly, dolly parton (puppy love!), 60's stuff like the kinks and lots of garage rock. it's almost better than my friend randy's mixed tapes. it's da bomb. some shows have up-to-date playlists but dave the spazz don't do that kind of thing, so every track is a total surprise. you have to check it out. they have everykind of stream available too, so if you don't have to download realplayer if you don't want to.

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