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July 23, 2003 - 6:35 pm

i came home from work today and had such a bad headache that i had to cry. c hugged me until i felt better and then when i did feel better he didn't let go and we just lay on the bed and enjoyed the cool breeze from the window. i feel pretty spoiled. the proof is in the giggle.

i headed out to get some needed groceries at the union market and ran into someone i knew who will be moving into this 'hood in september. i run into so many people that i'm surprised it's so quiet here. i love this neighbourhood so much and i'd really like all my friends to move here too. last week i gave kyla a phone number to call for a cool character bachelor apartment for $380 (!!!) a month just around the corner from where i live. but the sign in the window is now down, so i'm pretty sure it didn't last long at that price. the unicorn guy across the hall from us is moving out too and i hope someone nice moves in.

tonight i have to work on 2 cover letters...cover letters where i have to put effort into what i write and not just send out my standard one. sigh. i'd rather just head back to lying down with cornelius.

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