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June 05, 2003 - 7:37 am

i don't have time to write very much as i'm about to head on my bike and get to work. i just really need a new entry cuz i'm sick of seeing my (disguised) face when i come here....and i'm sure you feel the same. thank you so much for all of your guestbook feedback about my glasses choice. on monday i will head back to the store and buy 2 frames....a more conservative wire frame and then the 'more me' severe dark frames. once i get them, i'll be posting the 'winning' frames on the site. c also took pics of the new apartment yesterday, so they will definitely be up later today.

i'm getting my hair cut after work and then me and c are making a picnic dinner for the park right outside our building. i can't wait for work to be finished with.

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