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June 03, 2003 - 7:32 pm

alright, pics of my new place will be up shortly....right after i take them! but, i've got a more pressing issue at hand. yesterday i went shopping for eye glasses and instead of being smart and wearing my contacts while trying on the glasses, i was blind and couldn't see what the hell i was doing. c was helpful and took pictures of various frames to give me some perspective and help with my decision. and here's where you can help me. i'm posting some pics of me with various glasses on and please let me know through my guestbook or notes what picture number you like the best. buying new frames is fucking hard and i need all the help i can get. i'm also a bit shy about posting my face here on my *secret* diary, so please note that these new frames completely disguise my real face. it's true.

in other news, my hours at my magazine job just got cut. instead of working a steady 2 days a week, i'll be working one day a week and only if it's necessary, my hours will be increased as needed. it sucks pretty bad not cuz of the money, but because i actually like this job and like the people. it's crazy. the magazine i work for has an impressive international reputation. when i tell people where i work, everyone gets pretty excited and thinks that i have it made. it's not the case. the magazine is run by a man that doesn't have a clue how to deal with people and employees. he has his staff running scared half the time and stressed out the rest of the time. i'm glad that i have very little contact with him, but it also sucks cuz he doesn't see all the work that i do. i need a new job. the sooner the better. maybe some new, professional-yet-sexy looking glasses will help!

okay, so i just cleared my cache and suddenly realized that i had forgot to change my images over from my old shaw server to my own server!! oops! i have had no images for probably days and didn't realize it at all. and not only does this effect my diary, but i also had kyla's diary images on there too. eek!! i can't remember what i called her images when i made her template ages ago...i hope i can still find them. or i hope she doesn't mind a whole new template....damn.

******okay, i've changed my image. this time instead of "borrowing" someone elses pretty image, i decided to use my own illustration skills and make my own up. i think it's pretty nice. don't you?

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